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Because We're Worth It

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

First published on November 10th 2018

Today is International Accounting Day. Why have a day that celebrates accounting or accountants? As this week marks 20 years since I passed my accountancy exams I reflected. And here are three personal insights that might help you view your finance foe in a different light.

Balance is Beauty:

Balance is vital so we don’t fall over. We hear a lot about balance - work-life balance, balance in nature, maintaining balance. Balance is also important for organisations – keeping the books balanced can prevent collapse. Having a balanced set of accounts feels less stressful than ones that are out of balance....which can feel overwhelming. Although the balancing of the books is a technical task; achieving that balance is a thing of beauty and is, for many accountants I know, a “Woohoo” moment.

Firm but Fair:

Accountants can be seen as dispassionate, detached, cold and calculating. This might be because their role requires a level of objectivity that puts the overall health and well-being of the business ahead of their own personal agenda or ego. Taking a firm stance can be lonely and unpopular but it is motivated by a fair and well-thought-out approach. Be careful though not to leave them out on that ledge. The motto of one finance team I worked with was the same as Millwall Football Club’s supporters from the 1970s "No one likes us, we don't care".

Scenarios and Solutions:

According to a recent article I read according to finance professionals they get more career satisfaction from solving problems than working with numbers. Did the problem-solving involve number crunching? It must have. Finance professionals love to use data (numbers) for scenario planning. They will interpret insights to generate solutions that will help drive a business forward. Finance folk are future focused and work hard to improve the financial position and performance wherever they are.

So today, on International Accounting Day, why not appreciate your calculating colleagues … because they’re worth it.




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