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Calm, composed and clear-headed in a crisis?

Updated: May 27

If you are working in a finance role are you feeling calm, composed and clear-headed?

“Born to a world in crisis,

Arab Oil, petrol queues and Vietnam”

These are the opening lines from a poem my Dad wrote for me when I turned 21. 

I doubt that being born during a crisis shapes you. 

But, perhaps living through unpredictable and #challenging circumstances does? 

In times of #crisis and #chaos, I remain #calm, composed and clear-headed. How do I know that?

In the last 20 years, I’ve

  • Been locked down in Khartoum for a week during a period of political unrest

  • Had sleepless nights when there was only c.£30k in the bank and payroll was c.£500k

  • Worked in Sri Lanka after the tsunami and Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake

  • Fired people, conducted disciplinaries and negotiated departures

  • Been investigated by the European Office of Anti-Fraud. A Kafkaesque experience

  • Spent an awful day hiding out in a corridor when police broke into our compound to collect “taxes” on a new vehicle

  • Been a passenger in a vehicle that overturned twice. Luckily we came out without a scratch

And, that's not all! I'm not threatened by change or uncertainty. They energise me.

Contact me if you want someone to

  • solve problems with you in a pragmatic way

  • pull irons out of the fire with

  • collaboratively develop strategies to communicate clearly

  • listen and ask the tough questions others might not be prepared to ask 

  • be your sounding board

  • support you in cheerleading or challenging your assumptions  

My experience, humour, optimism and willingness to deliver value will make a difference.  

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