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Everyone has a voice. Use yours. Let others use theirs.

Is your voice being heard?

Someone once told me that you can tolerate difficult work environments as long as you have a voice. I've always been one to speak up and to speak out. It's gotten me into trouble. That didn't stop me. I learnt to pick my battles. At times I have spoken for people who felt unable to use their own voice. None of us deserves to be silenced. Our words matter. Our voice matters. Voice is a critical part of effective communication. We don't need a loud voice to be heard. We only need to speak to be heard. I had a sister who, in her 33 years of life, never spoke a single word. I believe that our voice is a gift. We must use it. Some of my most stressful times have been when I felt I didn't have a voice. Although I always had a voice at times it felt like nobody was listening, interested, cared or understood. Maybe they didn't like what I had to say. Today is World Voice Day. The aim of it is to show the enormous value of voice in our daily lives. Everyone has a voice. Use yours. Let others use theirs.

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