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It happened before

Updated: Jun 13

Not the first time.

Khartoum, 2005, Lockdown.

We’d gone to work as 'normal’ on Sunday. I heard gunshots. There were riots. It wasn’t safe to leave the office. I remember getting glimpses of smoke settling on the city. When the city quietened we made it home.

What strikes me now is that people around the world are going through relatable experiences. We are working from home, queuing to shop, feeling uncertain. Technology helps us stay in touch.

In Khartoum we were alone. We had daily security briefs from the UN. But my housemates were the only people I knew. There was no Zoom or Skype video; a mobile was an expense few could afford.

We were scared and we weren’t. Uncertainty weighs on your mind. I think what freaked me out most was being in a country without the language. Although lockdown only lasted a week, it was a long week. I remember gangs passing close to the house and really feeling trapped. That isolation was intense.

With this lockdown, we will be able to compare our experience to the experience of others. It will create a universal experience, conversation. We quickly got back to normal in Khartoum. We will get back to normal here too.

Things will never be the same.

But are they ever?

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