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We cannot work in isolation in times of isolation

We cannot work in isolation in times of isolation.

Isolation can be common working in Finance. Sure, you might self-isolate. Just to get stuff done. But maybe you aren’t always invited to meetings. You might frequently be a lone voice. Or worried about having cash in the bank to make payroll…terrifyingly isolating.

Is everyone reaching out to you now? Are they are expecting you to have all the answers? Maybe you’d prefer to work in splendid isolation.

But now is no time to work in isolation. People are counting on you.

You won’t have all the answers. Tell people you don’t.

But you have a skill many desire – you get numbers. When stress is high people struggle to absorb information. So, imagine how people who are afraid of numbers, or hate them, are feeling now? They are looking to Finance for simple and sensible scenarios and solutions.

You got this.

Adapt your style to support people.


Give them what they want and what they need.

Take them through the numbers, explain assumptions clearly.

Ask them if they understood. If not, adapt again.

Contact me if you want someone to

• develop strategies to communicate clearly with you

• talk to about what is on your mind, no judgment

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