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What do mashed potatoes, common sense and accountants have in common?

Updated: Jun 13

What do mashed potatoes, common sense and accountants have in common?

I was chatting to a chef recently who told me he thinks common sense is rare. I told him that a former accounting colleague of mine used to say that common sense is knowledge + experience. He did not agree and told me a story to illustrate his point.

A friend of his – who works as an accountant – has, in his opinion, no common sense. This friend phoned him a few weeks earlier to ask him how to mash potatoes. The friend had spent an hour squeezing potatoes through a colander to produce ‘mash’. This was, he told me, a complete lack of common sense.

I said it sounded like the friend had no knowledge that a potato masher exists. Also, it seemed the friend had no experience of ever making mash before – only of eating it.

Knowledge + Experience = Common Sense. We agreed to disagree.

Everything seems easy, or common sense, when you know how to do it. You can gain knowledge but it doesn’t mean you know how to put it into practice – experiencing something, even imagining that you are experiencing it, makes a difference.

Coaching helps you to get better at what you do. I work with accountants who want a better experience or to experience something new. The knowledge is there but making the transition and what comes up when putting it into practice is the challenge. If that sounds like you I’d love to hear from you. My details are in the comments below.

Oh, and if you are wondering how to mash potatoes I can help with that too. It is a prerequisite for all Irish people.

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