Bespoke Strategies
to Develop Powerful Teams

Successful Teams:

Communicate with Ease

Trust Each-other

Get Results


Are you ready to transform your team to achieve even greater results?

Are you banging your head against the wall trying get the dynamic right? 

Is there a lack of trust among team members? 

Are there difficulties communicating leaving conversations on unspoken or that lead to conflict? 

Or does the team struggle to make decisions or commit to decisions made?

Are you ready to ‘rip the plaster off’ and expose the root causes?  

Even if it might be painful? 


I started Beyond the Numbers to help teams relate to one another better and work together well.  

Together we can create bespoke strategies and take practical steps to move you, your team and the organisation towards the results you want. 


Moving Forward Together

Communicating at ease, trust and delivering the right results requires engaged employees.  People are engaged when they can be themselves at work, use their unique strengths and abilities, feel appreciated and when they collaborate to achieve a common goal. 

Just because it sounds simple doesn’t mean it is easy. 

But it is possible. 

For more than 20 years I've been working with teams in Europe, Africa, Asia, in-person and remotely.  I have relieved tensions, addressed conflict, eased communications, established clearer boundaries, empowered people to make and take decisions and aligned teams with organisational purpose. 

Working together we will develop bespoke strategies to strengthen your team. 


Contact me today

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2. Let's work together to customise a plan for you

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What is it like to work Susan


"Susan brought independent and inventive thought to exploring issues with us.  She took us through a range of creative exercises that remained on-point while getting the team to think in ways that we wouldn’t normally.  Her focus was how to build empathy to promote more collaborative relationships.  Communication being key.  It was insightful for us as a team to learn how to dig deeper into the root cause of what might really be behind feedback we receive. 

I would recommend Susan if you are exploring how to build better working relationships with support services teams and the wider organisation.  She will help you understand how to work out what colleagues really want so you can better meet their expectations and needs.  Oh, and you’ll have fun too." 

Tom Espley, Global Canopy

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